Tuesday, March 11, 2014



Introduction: Education resurrects our character. It helps us to become a real human being. But there is a gulf of differentiation between general and technical education. Training in practical art and science is called technical education. It means learning a particular art or science or craft by actual doing. No training is complete without scientific knowledge.
Technical education and prosperity: No nation can prosper without a large number of technically qualified men. Shortage of technical is hampering our industries. So, large scale technical education is necessary for greater production of our industries. Therefore, without technical education no nation can prosper lavishly.
Varity of technical education: There are various kinds of technical education like engineering, commercial, medical, agriculture, industrial; mining etc. the branches of technical education should be extended largely to assist the vagabond people. It provides employment to a good number of citizens.
Bangladesh and technical education: Bangladesh needs industrial revolution. But Bangladesh is not advance in it. She needs hundreds of technicians now and will need more in the near future. At present here technical man-power is supplied by foreign countries. But this state of things has to be stopped. Today or tomorrow industries are to be managed and run by our own people. Our government has paid attention to this matter.
Importance of technical education: The importance of technical education is very great. This education solves the problem of unemployment. Technically educated people can at least earn their even bread in honest and honourable way. Mainly, it develops our country. It makes the self-sufficient economically. It goes a long way in creating rapid industrialization.
Conclusion: If we give priority to the technical education we may have a bright future. The teaching of technical subject’s right form the secondary stage must be stressed and recognized. If we are technically developed, we will be prosperous as a nation.

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