Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Short Composition


Introduction: My childhood was happy. When I think of my childhood my heart fills with pleasure and joy whenever I am sick of the present. I seek relief in the past. I fondly recall the memories of my childhood. I wish all my days were as happy as my childhood days.
Play of childhood: On rainy and windy days, I could not go out. My grandmother would not let me go. She devised many ways to keep me occupied. From time to time she would tie a piece of thread to a stick and tell me that it was a fishing rod. This was used to fire my imagination. At once I look the stick and tied a small bit of something or other at the other end of the line. Then I threw the bet on the yard. The small pools of rain water were my ponds or rivers. Then for hours I played at anything. Sometimes I played at keeping shops with other children. We used to set up both. There we stored leaves and such other thing. Small pieces of broken car than wares serve as coins. We would play for many hours and feel like being in a dream world.
Learning at home: In my childhood, I learnt the Arabic alphabet with great pleasure, but Bengali alphabet gave me some trouble. It was not, however, dull when I prepared. My eldest sister taught all the children of our family in the morning. Under her care and guidance we prepare our lessons with great interest. It was exciting too. We repeated our lessons in a singing voice and all the time we moved our body forward and backward. So, learning was a great fun to us.
Learning at school: After her marriage I began to go a school for children. There the school hours were from 8:00am to 11:00am during this period we learnt our lessons and took new lessons. This school was also an interesting place. There was a lot of fun there. There was learning but we learned with light heart. After the school hours I returned home. I spent the rest of the day as per my sweet will. I had three cousins of my age. I played with them. Those days continued for ever. I still cherish the sweet of my happy childhood.
Conclusion: After all my boyhood was very busy and charming.

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